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MediaSite is a multimedia presentation capture system that is available for use throughout CHASS. [...]
Tell Me More
TELL ME MORE is a software package that assists students in improving their language skills in a variety of methods. The software is available in the CHASS Laundry (Language and Computer Labs Building) 214 computer lab. [...]

CHASS IT, a divison of the CHASS Dean's Office, provides technical support to the entire College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

CHASS IT support encompasses five buildings and portions of seven other buildings. This support includes installing computers for use on our network, providing customized programming and support, installing and upgrading hardware and software, and troubleshooting and fixing problems with networked computers and printers.

Sysnews Announcements

NC State SysNews Announcements for CHASS
news and information about NC State computer systems
CHASS Web Services Offline

--- FOLLOWUP POST: 2013-05-01 12:10:13 ---

Most CHASS web services are back online; we are working to stabilize the remainder. Certain infrastructure services are still degraded, and this is causing CHASS services to remain in a degraded state. [...]

NC State SysNews Announcements
news and information about NC State computer systems
Blackboard Collaborate to be Upgraded

--- FOLLOWUP POST: 2014-08-01 09:44:20 ---

The large file preload has been resolved. Collaborate is now fully functional.

--- FOLLOWUP POST: 2014-08-01 08:46:49 ---

Maintenance is complete. [...]

Wireless Maintenance

--- FOLLOWUP POST: 2014-08-01 05:38:44 ---

Maintenance is complete.

--- ORIGINAL POST: 2014-08-01 03:00:07 ---

On August 1, 2014 at 5:00AM Comtech will perform maintenance on the wireless network. [...]

DC2 Switch Maintenance

Please see technical details. [...]

Residence Hall Switch Maintenance

ComTech engineers will be performing maintenance on the building entry switches of all on-campus residence halls - including E.S. King Village, and Wolf Ridge Apartments. During the maintenance window, there will be a rolling outage of network service to each residence hall as the switch is configured and restarted. [...]