Printing Posters

Follow these steps to print a poster on the CHASS IT Poster Printer (Godzilla):

  1. Open the poster document. (Typically a PowerPoint or Photoshop document)
  2. Determine the size of the poster.
    1. Use the application that the poster was created in to scale the poster if possible.
    2. If scaling is not possible, then the short dimension can be determined as ( 36 * original short ) / original long
    3. Godzilla prints to a 36 inch paper roll, so all posters need to have at least one of the dimenisions be 36 inches.
    4. NOTE: Any poster that starts out with the longest edge smaller than 24 inches will likely printer very poorly.
  3. Click on File > Print.
  4. Select "Godzilla (HP DesignJet 1055CM)" from the printers list.
    Printer List - thumbnail
  5. Click Printer Properties (or Properties, depending on the application).
    Printer Properties - thumbnail
  6. On the Paper Size tab, under Application page size, click the "More Sizes..." button.
    Paper - More Sizes - thumbnail
  7. In the Custom paper size area, select "Custom 1:" for Name.
  8. Fill in the Width and Height values you determined earlier.
    Paper Size - thumbnail
  9. Click OK
  10. If scaling the poster with it's own application was not possible:
  11. Select "Fit to this page"
  12. Click on the "More Sizes..." button in the ZoomSmart area.
    Scaling - More Sizes - thumbnail
  13. Follow steps 7 through 9
  14. Click OK.
  15. Now you should be ready to print the poster like normal.