How do I connect to my office PC from home?

Connect to the NCSU VPN

The university requires that users who wish to connect to on-campus machines from off-campus to first connect to the campus VPN (Virtual Private Network).

To do so, simply download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client from the NCSU VPN website,  The site also includes installation, setup, and connection instructions.

Once you have successfully connected the NC State VPN, proceed to connect to your remote computer.

To Establish a Remote Desktop Connection

From your home computer, go to StartWindows Accessories. In the Windows Accessories menu, click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon. You will now see the Remote Desktop Connection window.

The Remote Desktop Connection window

Enter your computer's name or IP address where it says "Computer:"

Your Computer's name:

(View this page on your office computer to get the appropriate name)

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