Media Lab welcome

Department of Communication Media Lab

Technical support for Department of Communication students enrolled in media production courses (COM 307, 317 357, 367 437, 444).

Media Lab Information and Policies


Winston Hall, 201H and 201J
These labs are for students in COM 307, 317, 357, 367, 437, and 444.

Hours of Operation

The Media Lab is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, except for University closings (including inclement weather situations). On days when no classes are being held, but the Communication Department office is open, the lab may be available for editing; check with Robert first.

Lab Manager

The Media Lab manager/instructional support entity is Robert Bell:, 919-513-7472.
With multiple decades of production experience, Robert is your one-stop shop for technical support; do not hesitate to contact him with any questions.

"If you ask me questions before or during your production, I will offer helpful information and advice. If you ask me questions after your production, I may only be able to offer condolences."

Food and Beverages

  • In W201H, food and beverages may be enjoyed at the table only, not at the workstations. Your instructor may rescind this permission. As we have no wait or bus staff, it is incumbent on each of you to clean up after yourself.
  • In W201J, food or beverages are not allowed, with the exception of plain water in a container that can be securely closed.

Equipment and Edit Time Reservation

  • Equipment and edit time reservation is accomplished using online Google Sheets. The appropriate Sheet(s) will be shared with the appropriate class roster. Notes and instructions are included in the Sheets - please familiarize yourself with the information provided.
  • If you find you won't need the equipment or edit time, please update the signup Sheet, so that the resource can be unencumbered.
  • Normally, equipment is checked out from M - W, W - F, and F - M. University closings may alter this schedule, and the signup Sheet will reflect this. If you need to check out equipment longer than these standard intervals, contact Robert first.
  • Equipment pickup and return times will be stated on the sign-up sheet. Please honor these times, to ensure that everyone has fair access to the equipment.
  • If you experience any problems with the equipment, contact Robert for troubleshooting. If you choose not to do so, please let Robert know about the anomaly when you return the gear.
  • If you replace a burned-out lamp, please discard the inoperative lamp, and make Robert aware of this as well, so he can restock it.

Reconfiguring/Modifying Equipment and Software

The general policy here is: Please don't.

The workstations are set up to provide you and your classmates with an enjoyable post-production experience. Changing cabling, or software presets, can lead to confusion, frustration, and angst. Special requests may be accommodated, but please ask first. The same holds true for the production equipment; the configuration in which you receive it is the configuration in which it should be returned.

On a related note, do not store any project media or files on the internal drive of the lab computers. All of your project's assets should be stored on an external drive, or USB flash. The lab computers are wiped and reinstalled occasionally, without prior warning; if you store media or other assets on them, they could be lost.

Music/Sound Effects Library

  • An assortment of BBC sound-effects CDs (remember those?) are available for use in your projects. When you have finished, please return them to their proper place..