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Common Software

This list represents software we commonly encounter and is not intended to be all-inclusive. If you are having problems with software not listed below, we will make all reasonable attempts to provide you with assistance.

Web Browsers

Software Version OS
Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome
(recommended for GMail)
18.0+ All
Opera 10.0+ Windows XP +
Internet Explorer 9+ Windows XP +
Safari 5.0+ Mac OS 10.6 +

Office Suites

Software Version OS
Microsoft Office
  • 2010
Windows XP +
  • 2011
Mac OS 10.6 +
(Intel-based Macs) 3.0 All

SFTP Clients

Software Version OS
ExpanDrive 1.8.4 Windows XP +
2.0.6 MacOS 10.6 +
WinSCP 4.2.5+ Windows XP +
Fetch 5.5.3+ Mac OS 10.6 +

Operating Systems

Software Version Platform
Microsoft Windows 7 College-owned PCs
Apple MacOS X 10.7 Intel-based Apples
  • 1.25 Ghz PowerPC Apples
REALM Linux Kit RHEL 6 College-owned Desktop PCs

Email Clients

Since the University migrated its EMail services to GMail, it is recommended that everyone use Google's Chrome Browser to access the GMail web-based interface.

Software Version OS
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0+ All
Apple Mail OS specific Mac OS 10.6 +
Microsoft Outlook
  • 2003
  • 2007
Windows XP +


Software OS
Peoplesoft (HR&Financials) Windows XP +
ACS Applications (DRAS, Rumba, etc.) Windows XP +