Calendar System Frequently Asked Questions

The Calendar System provides a way that members of the NCSU community (anyone with a NCSU ID) can advertise events on CHASS websites.

The Calendar System is comprised of three main "views", and a common navigation bar. The daily view shows all events for that day, in text format.

The Upcoming Events view shows all future events, also in text format. In this view, a different month can be selected to display all events for that particular month.

The Monthly view shows a calendar for each month. Events will be displayed within their days, are can be clicked on to view event details. Also, each day can be click on to display all events for that day.

Within each view, you have the capability to change the date, either by using the "<<" and ">>" buttons, or by entering your own date and pressing the "Change Date" button. The view that is displayed by default is set by the calendar admin.

Calendars are located on the main CHASS page, as well as on individual department and program home pages. To view all the upcoming and past events, click the “more” link on the calendar.

Go to the department to which you wish to submit an event, and go to the Events page. You can click the "Submit an event" link from this page. If you go to the Daily view, you can also click on "Submit an event for this day".

A page entitled "Create a new Calendar Event" will be displayed. Fill in the Name, Location, Date, Time, Duration, Description, Website, and which departments you wish the event to be submitted to. NOTE: The date will be filled in if you clicked the "Submit an event for this day" button on the daily view. The department will be filled in with whichever department's site you clicked on the "Submit an event" on. You can submit events to multiple departments.

Next, click on the "Next Step - Preview" button. This will display the event information as it will be displayed. Click on the "Back to Creation" button to edit this information, or click on the "Next Step - Submit Event" button to send the event to the site admin(s) for approval. If you submit events to multiple departments, an e-mail will go to the site admin for each department.

Once an event has been submitted, the site admin has to approve the event. Once it is approved, it will be displayed on that website.  

If you have any questions that are not answered in these pages, please send a message to