How do I connect to the NCSU wireless network?

The NOMAD wireless network is the wireless network that is maintained by ComTech. It can be used by anyone who has an active Unity account. Here are the required steps to connect to NOMAD.

  • Set your wireless card to connect to the ncsu wireless network.
  • Then, open up your web browser. The web browser will automatically direct you to the NOMAD login page.
  • At the login page, type in your unity ID and password and click the Login button. From there, you will be granted access to the network.
  • Your access to the NOMAD wireless network will expire after you have been disconnected from the network for ten minutes.

Note: If you connect to the ncsu-guest network, you will not be asked for your Unity ID and password.  This network is open to everybody.  However, the traffic on this network is restricted to only web browsing.  The ncsu-guest network does not allow network printing, file transfer, remote desktop connections, checking email through an email client, or any other activity unrelated to viewing web pages.

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