Production Tips

A collection of details and tips to assist you in achieving your best production.

  • When beginning a project in Premiere Pro, it's imperative that you correctly establish the folder/file structure at inception. Never store any project assets on the local (internal) drive of the computer you're using. Instead, on your external drive, create a folder named with the course number, and within that, a folder named Project 1, and another named Project 2.
    Everything that's a part of Project 1 must be moved or copied into the Project 1 folder. This includes the Premiere Pro project file itself, and additional media files (video, music, photos, graphics, etc.).

----Remember - using the Import Media function in Premiere Pro only establishes a link to the media; it does not move or copy that media into any location. For example, if you import a music file from your USB drive, it will become Offline (unavailable) when that drive is ejected.