Updating or Removing a Billboard Slide

To remove or update a slide from Billboard, go to the Community area, and click on the "My Slides" tab (you need to be the submitter and be logged in).  From there, you will see a list of the slides that  you have submitted.

Clicking the down arrow to the right of the "Added" column will bring up the details about the slides.  From here, you can edit the Title, Author, Description, Unit, Category, Comments, and the start/end dates.  You can also delete the slide.

You can also see what screens your slide is currently being displayed on.

Note: You cannot make changes to the actual Billboard slide.  The reason for this is that screens may already be displaying your slide, and if it is updated, then  they  have information displayed that they have not approved.  So if you need to change the slide, please delete the original slide and submit another.

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