How do I install a program through Self-Service in Windows?

CHASS IT now makes certain software applications available for self-service installation on Active Directory Domain Windows PCs (a computer that you log on to with your UNITY account credentials). The steps below will walk you through the process of installing software via this method.

The self-service system uses the Software Center program. By using this program, you can install and uninstall a select variety of programs on your own, whenever you have need of them.

Accessing the Software Center

To begin using the self-service system, you must first access the Software Center.

Fig. 1

To open the Software Center, first click on the Start button, and type "Software Center" into the search field. When the program appears in the search results, click on it to open it (Fig. 1).

Fig. 2

When the Software Center window appears (Fig. 2), you can use the drop-down menu under Show to either include all software packages, or choose between Applications, Operating Systems, etc.

Fig. 3

Then, select the software package(s) that you would like to have installed, by selecting the check box next to the package name (Fig. 3). Please pay special attention to the available software listings as there may be multiple versions of a specific package available, and you'll want to ensure you are choosing the appropriate version you want installed. When you have finished selecting, click on Install Selected at the bottom.

The program will then move to the Installation Status tab, where the selected packages will be installed. You can view the status of the installation under the Status column.

Note. If you do not see any software in the list, or if you do not see the software package you are looking for, it may be that your machine needs time to make contact with the server. If you wait a while, and then come back to the program later (particularily by leaving your machine on before leaving at the end of the day), the program you're looking for may show up in the list.

Fig. 4

Once the installation has been completed successfully, it will read Installed under the Status column (Fig. 4).

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