Adding the Humanities and Social Sciences logo to my gmail signature

Step 1 : The logo is available here.  

 Go to the link -> right click on the logo -> select “Copy image url”.  

Step 2 : Open gmail and go to ‘Settings’.

screenshot showing where setting is in gmail

Step 3: Scroll down in the setting tab till you see an option called “Signature”.  To add the logo, click on the image icon in the toolbar.

Screenshot to show the icon to add images

Step 4: Paste the link that you copied in Step 1 in the space provided.   If the image exists and is available, a preview of the logo can be seen.  Click on select when done.

Screenshot to show where to add the url of the logo to be used

Step 5 : Click on the logo to get options to adjust its size.

Screenshot to show how to adjust image size

Step 6 : Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot to show how to save changes