How do I get a video posted online?

We recommend two options for getting a video posted online, YouTube and Mediasite.  YouTube is recommended for shorter videos with an external audience (such as videos posted on our webpages). Mediasite is recommended for longer videos with an internal audience, and videos that we keep on campus and would like secured.

Please send an e-mail to CHASS Web Development with any questions.


You can upload the video either to a personal YouTube account (YouTube is an available application under your NC State google account) or submit the video for consideration to the  Humanities and Social Sciences or NC State YouTube channels.

For consideration on the Humanities and Social Sciences YouTube channel, please send a message to Lauren Kirkpatrick, Nash Dunn and CHASS Web Development. Instructions for submitting to the NC State YouTube channel can be found here.

If your video has any spoken words, you must upload a transcript for ADA compliance. This is a federally mandated regulation with which we must comply. The voice recognition transcript that YouTube provides is NOT sufficient. 

Refer to the OIT accessibility closed captioning guide for more information. The guide has an e-mail address you can use to get a list of available transcription services. In addition, the Humanities and Social Sciences Dean's Office has used Roger's Word Service for transcriptions.


Please send an e-mail to CHASS Web Development with your request and your video's transcript.

Refer to the closed captioning guide on the OIT accessibility website for more information about transcripts, including information on transcription services.

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