Policy on Home-Use Computer Repair

In addition to the University’s Home Use Policy, the following policy applies for Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • The College may allow individual users to check out computer equipment to conduct college business at home. ( See University’s Computer Use Policy).
  • Computers that are checked out to users for home-use are considered to be the property of the College and should be treated in accordance with the NCSU Computer Use Policy. Employees are responsible for the proper care and use of all computers and peripheral equipment checked out to them.
  • CHASS IT will make reasonable efforts to repair and troubleshoot problems that arise from the home-use equipment being used in the pursuit of legitimate University business.
  • CHASS IT can only guarantee that the home-use equipment will work properly in the University setting (on campus). It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the home-use equipment will work properly in their home. This includes ensuring that the equipment will work properly with their home networking solution (dialup, broadband, DSL, or otherwise); with their home electrical system; etc.
  • For repairs to home-use equipment, the user must bring the equipment to the CHASS IT offices for repair.
  • Problems with home equipment that arise as a result of improper use of the equipment, allowing other home users to improperly install or configure software; or mistreatment of the equipment are the responsibility of the user and are not subject to CHASS IT’s service.
  • Problems affecting personal equipment that has been integrated with the College-owned home-use equipment are the responsibility of the user.

Please note: Users should note that laptops typically use more integrated components than standard desktop computers and thus may lead to longer repair times; may be irreparable; or require repair services from the manufacturer (which will incur further costs to departments if the laptop is not covered by a warranty or if the warranty has expired).