Policy on Website Development/Assistance

The college policy on providing website development or assistance to faculty and staff is as follows:

  • CHASS IT will only be able to provide assistance for websites that have adopted the College Common Website Template.
  • CHASS IT will only be able to provide assistance to users in the creation or maintenance of websites who are using the CHASS IT developed Content Management System (CMS) as their design tool. Users who prefer to design and maintain websites with other tools (including Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver or Contribute, Netscape Composer, Microsoft Frontpage, etc.) should make sure that they are sufficiently familiar with those tools to be able to do everything needed as CHASS IT cannot provide support for them. Requests for assistance with sites maintained by the CMS can be sent to the CHASS Web Group.

Please note, if you are creating or making major changes to a new or existing academic program website; new or existing department website; or any part of the College website, the following also applies:

  • Prior to the establishment of any new College site, major addition/revision to any existing College site, or the creation or change of any site URL, the CHASS Web Group should be engaged. The CHASS Web Group will work with the site owner/contact to ensure that policy, standards, resource and support issues are communicated and understood and that a schedule is established for the effective placement of new/revised content.
  • Edits and on-going maintenance of published sites are the responsibility of the site contact/owner. It is expected that all College sites will adhere to the CHASS web standards and maintain timely and accurate information, including adherence to editorial standards (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc). Outdated/incorrect information will be called to the attention of the site contact/owner for action.