Designing Posters with Microsoft Publisher

This tutorial is to help faculty and students in creating Assorted Design Templates to create printed ads for external use. 

As mentioned above, this tutorial is designed for using Microsoft Publisher in Windows Operating System. 

There are three different types of Templates available: Full Page Ad TemplateHalf Page Ad Template and Quarter Page Ad Template.

Editing text in your poster

You can use one of the above three templates for your poster.

<User Note> 

The templates should be edited to use Arial font and the spacing must be maintained. 
Give some instructions on how to place different info at different places. 

Make sure your copy follows Voice and Tone recommendations as listed on the brand site. Copy should be purposeful and relevant, and it should convey cutting-edge ideas. Avoid wordiness. 

You will be able to edit the poster, the image, text. You can also change the background color if you want. But, the NC State University logo is not to be touched. It is decided by NCSU Brand.. 

Adding your own Image

Copy the image that you want to use in the poster and paste it in publisher by using Ctrl+V. 

Press and hold Right click on the Image and drag it on top of the already present image. 

Leave the right click and you will be able to see an Options menu as shown below. Click 'Swap' to replace the template image with your own image. Delete the image that was already present there by clicking on it and press Delete or right click on the image and press Delete. 

If you want to use more than one image in the poster(overlapping images) you can drag and drop it on top of the image that you want it to overlap.

Right click on any image and you will see the options. Use the options highlighted in the below image to move the images to foreground or background. 

Saving the file

Click on File on the top left of the document and then clik on Save As to choose the folder where you want to save the poster. You can select the type of file that you want to create (Image, PDF etc.) This option is a dropdown menu named 'Save as type' found below File name option. 

PDF, GIF, JPEG and PNG are the commonly used formats.