CHASS IT offers many services that help support the instructional, research, and engagement missions of the college; make information easily available; make tasks and projects simpler; and help encourage technological advancement in the college.  Our objective is to leverage resources provided centrally where possible and implement technologies and systems specific to the college when required.

Hardware and Software Support

We provide support and assistance for all college-owned hardware and software.  This includes assistance with desktop and laptop computers, tablets, local and network printers, portable projectors, and all other peripherals.  We support computers running Windows, MacOS, and the campus-based Realm Linux kit.  We also offer assistance and support for a variety of proprietary and open-source software packages used within the college.  Note, students can receive assistance for their personally owned devices from the OIT Walk-In Center.

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Classroom Technology

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CHASS IT manages 31 technology-enhanced classrooms in Winston, Caldwell, Tompkins and Ricks Halls. These classrooms are equipped with a projection system operated by a touch panel and provide options for projecting multimedia audio/video via a BD/DVD player, the classroom computer, an auxiliary laptop connection, or a document camera. All of these classrooms feature the ability for instructors to record or capture their lectures via the Panopto system. These recorded lectures can then be provided to students for subsequent review purposes. Video conferencing capability exists in indicated rooms using Zoom enabled webcams -- please note, however, Zoom may not be suitable for all video conferencing needs.

  • 123(Panopto, Webcam)
  • 126(Panopto, Webcam)
  • 128 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 129 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G109 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G110 (Panopto,Webcam)
  • G113 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G115 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G117 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G121 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G123 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G125 (Panopto,Webcam)
  • G126 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 001 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 002 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 003 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 004 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 005 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 012 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 017 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 110 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 129 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 205 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 209 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 213 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 212 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G106 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G107 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G110 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G111 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 117 (Panopto, Webcam)

Classroom Recording

CHASS IT provides classroom/lecture capturing technology in the majority of the technology-enhanced classrooms that we support.  The technology used is called Panopto.  The Panopto systems are integrated with the classroom control systems.  They enable users to simultaneously record a video image of the lecturer, a video image of the presented material, and the audio of the lecture.  The presented material stream can come from the classroom’s computer, the document camera, or the lecturer’s own laptop. The system synchronizes all three feeds and publishes it on to a web server.  Students can then stream these lectures from the website.


The Panopto systems can be used for a variety of purposes such as making lectures available for distance education sections; recording guest lectures for use in subsequent semesters; ensuring students have the opportunity to review lectures that cover complex topics in order to better understand the material; recording student presentations for peer or self-review; recording supplemental lectures or materials or recording make-up lectures due to adverse weather conditions.  

Available Options


Instructors teaching in a classroom with Panopto available have two options for recording their lectures.  They can contact us at the beginning of the semester and have the systems set up to automatically record all classroom sessions throughout the semester or they can simply record on a one-time, ad hoc basis.  To record a one-time or ad hoc lecture, simply locate the Panopto Iconon the desktop computer and Login. You will see two small boxes one is of the classroom and the other is what is selected on the touch panel and on the projector screen. Below the two boxes are a record button and stop button.  Once the lecture is over, users can press Stop to finish the recording.  The recorded presentation will appear in your Panopto “My Folder” located and can then be shared for viewing.

More Information 

If you would like training on using the system, would like to schedule the recording office/studio space or have questions, please contact us.

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Computer and Instructional Labs

CHASS IT maintains and supports three walk-in computer labs, eight instructional labs, and seven student-owned computing collaborative classrooms. Walk-in computer labs are available to students to use as a place to work on course-work, work together on group projects, or explore further learning options.  Instructional labs are used by courses which require students to be able to interact with specific software/hardware technologies during a particular class session or throughout the semester.  The student-owned computing collaborative classrooms enable students to use their own devices to collaborate with their peers during a class session.

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Conference Room Technology

CHASS IT manages the technology in nine conference rooms in different buildings across the campus. All rooms have a PC, Laptop connection, and a DVD player controlled by a touch panel. Some conference rooms also have a document camera as noted in the table below.

Video conferencing capability is available in these rooms using either Skype, Zoom (via an installed webcam or camera on the back wall).  

Note that meeting reservations are made through various departments who have physical ownership of these conference spaces, so you’ll need to schedule through them.

Conference Room Locations:

Room Video Conferencing Document Camera Panopto Scheduled By
Tompkins Hall Room 131B (Webcam) No No English
Caldwell Hall Room M8 (Webcam) Yes Yes Dean’s Office
Withers 131A (video conference only) (Webcam) No No CHASS IT
Withers Hall Room 331 (Webcam) Yes Yes

World Languages and Cultures


Philosophy and Religious Studies

Withers Hall Room 441 (Webcam) No No

World Languages and Cultures


Philosophy and Religious Studies

1911 Building Room 129 (Webcam) No Yes Sociology and Anthropology
1911 Building Room 138
No No Social Work
Cox Hall Room 510A (Webcam) Yes No College Advancement
1911 Building Room 205B (Webcam) No No Social Work

Training and Tutorials

CHASS IT offers one-on-one training and some group orientation and information sessions (upon request) on a variety of topics. These include:

  • Classroom Technology
  • Classroom/Lecture Capture and Recording
  • Video Conferencing Using Zoom, Skype 
  • Google Apps (including Google GMail)
  • Software Packages
    • Microsoft Office
    • Website Editing

In addition, we provide several online tutorials for commonly used software packages within the college.

Online Tutorials

Customized Programming and Infrastructure

Our systems and programming team manages the college’s server and service infrastructure by partnering with NC State’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) in order to leverage centrally provided solutions when possible and to build and manage our own infrastructure for college-specific systems.  Our team works with other units in the college such as the business office, communication team, research office and other academic departments in order to assist in developing customized programming and IT infrastructure solutions to streamline and automate processes and procedures.  In addition, our team has worked with faculty on grant-funded projects, and we offer a graduate teaching assistant who can provide consultation on digital humanities projects.