Classroom Technology

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CHASS IT manages several technology-enhanced classrooms in different buildings across the campus. These classrooms are equipped with a projection system operated by a touch panel and provide options for projecting multimedia audio/video via a DVD/VCR, the classroom computer, an auxiliary laptop connection, or a document camera. Most of these classrooms feature the ability for instructors to record their lectures via the  Panopto system. These recorded lectures can then be provided to students for subsequent review purposes. Video conferencing capability exists in indicated rooms using Skype enabled webcams -- please note, however, Skype may not be suitable for all video conferencing needs.

In addition to the technology-enhanced classrooms, CHASS IT maintains several instructional and walk-in computer labs. Instructional labs are used by courses which require students to be able to interact with specific software/hardware technologies during a particular class session or throughout the semester. Walk-in computer labs are available to students to use as a place to work on course-work, work together on group projects, or explore further learning options. To reserve an Instructional Lab, visit

Classroom Locations

  • 123 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 126 (Webcam)
  • 128 (Webcam)
  • 129 (Webcam)
  • G109 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G110 (Panopto,Webcam)
  • G113 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G115 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G117 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G121 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G123 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G125 (Panopto,Webcam)
  • G126 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 001 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 002 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 003 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 004 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 005 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 012 (Webcam)
  • 017 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 110 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 129 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 205 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 209 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 213 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 212 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G106 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G107 (Webcam)
  • G110 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • G111 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 117 (Panopto, Webcam)

Instructional Lab Locations

  • Winston Hall Room 133 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • 1911 Hall Room 110 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • Withers Hall Room 131 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • Laundry Labs Room 216 (Panopto, Webcam)
  • Tompkins Hall Room 110 (Panopto, Webcam)

Walk-in Lab Locations

  • Tompkins Hall Room 113 (Webcam)
  • Laundry Labs Room 214
  • Winston Hall Room 118