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Section 12a: Default Font Face

Microsoft Office 2007, Word comes with the default font face set to Calibri, a Microsoft specific font face. Changing the default to a more common font face, Arial for example, will ensure that your document displays properly for everyone who views it.

Changing Default Font Face

MS Word 12a-1

Figure 12a-1

Step 1. To access the advanced font settings, click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Font section of the ribbon menu, under the HOME tab.

MS Word 12a-2

Figure 12a-2

Step 2. Once the Font window appears, select the desired font from the Font list.

MS Word 12a-3

Figure 12a-3

Step 3. After selecting the new default font, click the Set As Default button at the bottom left of the Font dialog.

MS Word 12a-4

Figure 12a-4

Step 4. In the next dialog asking which default to set, select All documents based on the Normal.dotm template and click OK.

Step 5. The default font has been changed and you can close the Font dialog.

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