Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide information on how to use some of the most commonly used features of Microsoft Word 2013 for Windows. The tutorial itself is divided into sixteen sections, each of which covers a particular feature or function.

Section 1: Headers and Footers
Section 2: Page Numbers
Section 3: Page and Section Breaks
Section 4: Illustrations and Drawing
Section 5: Tables
Section 6: Margins
Section 7: Paragraphs and Headings
Section 8: Indents and Tabs
Section 9: Bullets and Numbering
Section 10: Disabling and Enabling AutoCorrect
Section 11: Changing Languages
Section 12: Advanced Font Settings
Section 12a: Default Font Face
Section 13: Symbols
Section 14: Document Formats
Section 15: Document Protection and Security
Section 16: Templates and Themes

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