Bronto Overview

What is Bronto?

Bronto is the college’s primary email marketing vendor, which we use to send e-newsletters, announcements and event digests (e.g. “Upcoming in Humanities and Social Sciences”), among other messages. Through our existing contract, Bronto allots the college a maximum number of emails it can send in one year. The Dean’s Office, which manages the college Bronto account, is also its primary user and has priority in terms of scheduling and sending messages. However, departments can also request to use the college account to send newsletters or announcements to students, faculty, staff and alumni.

If you are interested in using the college account and have not yet requested access, please email the college communication office and CHASS Web Development. We look forward to helping you think through your potential message and how it can be best delivered.

 The college’s Bronto account has two styles of email templates available to users: the newsletter and announcement/invitation templates. These templates were specifically designed for Humanities and Social Sciences messages and are mobile-friendly. They should be used whenever possible. For more information on how to create and send messages with our templates, go to Section 2 (The Newsletter Template) or Section 3 (The Announcement/Invitation template) of the tutorial.