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Section Two: Opening an Existing Dataset

Opening a readable dataset

 In this section, we will learn how to open an already existing dataset.

pspp 3-1

Figure 2-1

To locate and open an existing dataset, you must first open the File menu, and click on Open.

 pspp 3-2

Figure 2-2 

Once the Open window appears, navigate to where the dataset file is located. If you happen to be working in a CHASS computer lab, there are some datasets located on the Y: drive (in PC/Datasets), which are commonly used by research methodology courses.. If you need to open a particular file extension, click on the drop-down menu on the bottom right-hand corner of the window, and select what file extension the dataset is saved under.

pspp 3-3

Figure 2-3

The GSS datasets may be found in the directory DataSets/GSS, in the folder corresponding to the DataSet year. Once you have located the dataset you would like to access, click on the Open button.

 pspp 3-4

Figure 2-4 

Your dataset should now be open, and visible in the PSPP Data Editor.

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