University and College IT Policies

  • University Policy on Data Management Procedures – This regulation outlines the responsibilities associated with the custody and security of University Data. This Regulation applies to all University Data, and to all administrative and user-developed computing systems that may access or utilize University Data.
  • University Computer Use – This policy outlines regulations and use regarding university computing assets, including university-owned hardware (laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.), university-owned software, computer networks (wired and wireless), university computer accounts (including email, MyPack portal, financial systems, student systems, etc.), and all other digital assets and resources.
  • University Policy on Home Use Of University-Owned Equipment – This university policy outlines the procedures and requirements related to the use of university-owned equipment at home by a university employee.
  • College Policy on Home-Use Computer Repair – This details the repair policy for home-use equipment. Users with home-use equipment should make sure they understand this policy.
  • College Computer Equipment Surplus Procedures – This details the correct steps for all units within CHASS to surplus old or unused computer/IT equipment.
  • College Policy on CHASS Website Development/Assistance – This policy explains the assistance provided to users who request help in the creation or maintenance of websites.
  • College Web Standards – These standards apply to pages and sections within the overall College website.